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Guided Adventures
Come experience the adventure of a lifetime. Relax and place yourself in the care of our highly experienced personnel who are carefully selected and exceptionally prepared to cater to your every need. Our company is licensed and insured and utilizes the very finest of equipment to assure your comfort and provide for a totally relaxing vacation. We are eager to accomodate people of all ages and the physically disabled. All of our staff are trained in first aid so as to provide for your emergency medical needs. All meals and accommodations are above your highest expectation and attention is carefully paid to every detail.

Early reservations are a must so that you are assured the dates of your choice. All information regarding prices, deposits, refunds and other pertinent financial information is enclosed. All other particulars concerning transportation, lodging and individual items needed will be dealt with on a personal basis 10 days prior to your departure.

We are an authorized permittee of the Bureau of Land Management and an authorized permittee of the USFS, located in the Rogue River, Siskiyou National Forest, Gold Beach Ranger District.

Fall Fishing Trip   Fall fishing on Oregon rivers.

"Our trip down
the Rogue River
with Dan
was the greatest"

— Fred


"Winter fishing trips
can be among the
most rewarding."

— Dan Stumpff

Jumping in the Rogue river

"Adventure or
tranquility —
you decide!"

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